The Firm

Our primary goal in the operations of our Leśny i Wspólnicy Law Firm is to build a combination of extensive experience and an open-minded attitude towards the changing legal reality, to the extent that would enable us to deliver professional legal services to individuals and corporate clients, duly respecting the most stringent ethical standards for lawyers, irrespective of the type of legal issue concerned.

At our Firm, we provide legal services to individuals and corporate accounts. The people who make up our Law Firm have built their experience on comprehensive legal services rendered to individuals as well as to corporate organizations, starting from sole proprietor businesses and ending with multinational corporate group members.

Another area of expertise of our Firm is the complete range of legal services for public administration authorities, including handling the daily legal business as well as advanced expert transformation projects or investment projects.

The scope of the Firm’s activities further comprises consultancy on obtaining European Union structural funding, particularly through comprehensive legal management of the procedure for granting the funding.